The first time I heard about Bitcoin was in 2010; while it intrigued me, I was just 18 years old, purusuing an ambition to enter the world of finance as a Wall Street trader at the big banks. I was not ready for the new wave: there was much training I had to undergo before I could help the impact that cryptocurrency and the method: blockchain is now making in the world.

Years later, now a seasoned trader and a medior level programmer, I had rediscovered Bitcoin and the revolutionary digital front that by proxy of the internet elevates the lives of so many people everyday. I purchased my first Bitcoins to use in September 2013 and the true discovery was that of the private key. Cryptography is the muscles of the internet.

During the following two years I had been researching and developing in the cryptocurrency space, and the most significant event for my consideration took place in 2014: a friend had lost nearly 4000 bitcoins in a hack. Now, this opened my eyes to a substantial issue in the cryptocurrency and blockchain arena. When he had used his wallet to purchase goods over the internet using his bitcoins, because of the way bitcoin transactions work he risked everything every time. Allow me to explain.

Suppose you wanted to user bitcoins to buy a t-shirt on the internet for $20.00. Sure, you will go to someone’s website, and they will post an address where they would like to receive the bitcoins as a payment. This is where things go down hill. In the case mentioned above where the loss was massive: you must send to the bitcoin network your entire balance where you will then also issue the remaining bitcoins to return to your address. So the merchant who sold you the t-shirt will see that you sent them $20.00 where you also have $2,000,000.00. This is a huge dilemma. In that very moment when I received the call and his concerned voice and helpless constitution did I realize the incredible issue to solve.

We need a marketplace that allows you to buy and sell items, services, and auctions without revealing our whole balance. The same way that when we buy something with our credit card/debit card it does not reveal to the vendor the balance of our account. Only the fact that we have enough funds to cover the transaction.

This is what had sparked my journey into producing a decentralized community called: Safex. During the remaining part of those two years that I call my “early days (2013-2015)” I had spent completing my skills and established the Safex project.

Today I lead the decentralized Safex development team that is making the Safex Marketplace a reality. I am also the CEO of a company named Balkaneum based in Belgrade, Serbia. It focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as open source contributions. Balkaneum also participates in the development of Safex.

In addition to software developments I’ve earned the position as a representative of Liberland to the Serbian community. I’ve started this page because over the past half decade and the past 8 years becoming an experienced software developer, leader of companies, and negotiator of business that now I have gained enough wisdom that I can share where I came from, what I am doing now, and where we are going.

Impeccability suggests that we execute on the dreams we have. And having dreams that are driven by sincerity and honesty to bring the best bridges to the gaps we have in society today. Preventing loss and bringing people who want to be close: closer together. These are the aspects I want to connect with and be connected with.

Sincerely, Daniel

Written on February 7, 2019